SIP Server Licenses

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IP-Integra SIP server license is priced as a basic perpetual license and comes with a purchased SIP Server.
Basic license gives 4 extensions and audio SIP interface which is sufficient for an average private house. You can upgrade your license at any point in time simply by uploading a new license file with required expansion.

Get all the flexibility you'll ever need, while paying only for the resources you use!

Perpetual licences:

  • FE-ACC-LIGHT Add Card and PIN to each extension and update IP-INTEGRA door stations card reader directly from IP-INTEGRA SIP-server.
  • FE-SCH-O Enables audio alert with pre-programmed ringtones or messages. A good solution for schools, factories, railway stations, bus stations, shops, prisons, etc. You can do periodic playback through built-in timer function.

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