SIP server licenses

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Integra SIP license is priced as a basic perpetual license and comes with a purchased SIP Server.
Basic license gives 4 extensions and audio SIP interface which is sufficient for an average private house. You can upgrade your license at any point in time by just adding new licence file with wished number additional extensions and options.

Get all the flexibility you'll ever need, while paying only for the resources you use!

  • FE-SIPA-K Purchase additional audio destination in addition to the 4 integrated in IP-INTEGRA SIP server
  • FE-SIPV-O Activate video option on IP-INTEGRA SIP-server and 4 audio SIP-clients included in BASIC licence option will become video clients. All additional SIP-clients will be then video-enabled clients.
  • FE-SIPV-K Purchase additional video destinations besides the 4 that are integrated into the IP INTEGRA SIP server whose video functionality is enabled.
  • FE-FQDN-O Call audio and video clients outside LAN. Requires that IP-INTEGRA SIP server is on network with Internet access through a public IP address. FQDN option is not required if IP-INTEGRA SIP server is on a network with access to the Internet with public IP address.
  • FE-SIPT-O Enables function to send or forward calls from audio or video clips to GSM or Landline. Note that all calls are only audio calls. TRUNK is recommended as a backup solution for FQDN.
  • FE-SCH-O Enables audio alert with pre-programmed ringtones or messages. A good solution for schools, prisons, factories, railway stations, bus stations, shops etc. You can do periodic playback through built-in timer function.
  • FE-BACK-O Enables feature to connect a backup server without doubling the number of licenses. If the main IP-INTEGRA SIP server fails, functionality can be taken over, by completely synchronized backup SIP server.

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