IP-INTEGRA Access Control licences

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IP-INTEGRA access control solution is made from our factory as a single full functional non-cluster solution
limited to 10 users and 2 or 4 doors depending of Access control module size.

IP-INTEGRA ACC licences will extend size and functionality of IP-INTEGRA access control solution.
Licences are priced as a perpetual licence for all additional options added to IP-INTEGRA ACC solution.

Our customers can upgrade system-licence at any point in time
by just ordering and adding new licence file with wished additional licences and options mentioned in this document.

Get all the flexibility you'll ever need, while paying only for the resources you use!

Perpetual licences:

  • FE-ACC-BASIS: Make IP-INTEGRA Access control module full functional with Access Time setup and enable an option of 50 users and 50 cards.
  • FE-ACC-USER: Additional 100 users (BASIC Licence needed)
  • FE-ACC-CARD: Additional 100 cards (BASIC Licence needed)
  • FE-ACC-CLE: Cluster enable license will enable connecting all additional controllers in one system/cluster
  • FE-ACC-FQDN: Extend cluster and app control on internet through FQDN server. Make global Cluster.
  • FE-ACC-ENT: Unlimited ENTERPRISE licence. Expand your ACC solution without limits.
  • Periodical licences:

    • FE-ACC-MM1Y: Maintenance Licence 1-year includding Product SW update and On-Line support in the period pr. ACC-module

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