IP-INTEGRA Audio Paging Units with integrated Guard Phone

Freund IP-INTEGRA Public Audio paging and broadcasting solution can be limitless expanded and connected by using Paging Phones and Guard Units. Those devices can integrate IP-INTEGRA Public audio solution with IP-intercom, IP-telephony and Video surveillance systems.

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Audio Paging Phone and Guard Unit

Color-LCD Phone with Intelligent DSS Key-mapping LCD Display

Autodetect and provision from IP-INTEGRA SIP-server

Receive audio call from IP-INTEGRA door stations and terminals and unlock door using DTMF

Send and update DSS Keys from IP-INTEGRA SIP-server

FE-VPU-106DC Paging Unit offers a large 4.3 inch color screen which can also decode the video from IP-camera and door phone. FE-VPU-106DC has HD Voice technology and wideband Opus codec for extended audio clarity. Gigabit Ethernet technology is used for rapid call handling. It works with Bluetooth USB Dongle and has USB recording features.

At first glance:

  • 2 DSS Key-mapping LCD – 12 DSS keys corresponded to the LCD display to provide dynamic DSS/BLF functions up to five pages at virtualized total 60 DSS keys
  • Gigabit Ethernet – 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet with POE enabled.
  • Economic and Environmental Friendly design with Elegant
  • Housing, with high-resolution TFT color display, delivering a rich visual experience
  • High Interoperability – Compatible with major platforms: IP-INTEGRA, 3CX, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, Zycoo, etc.
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