“Freund IP-INTEGRA INTERCOM is not just a standard intercom, it is much more than that…”

Anel Bektas – CEO of Freund Elektronika d.o.o

Keep your home or your company safe with Freund IP-INTEGRA

INTERCOM solutions have become mobile and smart – we call our solution IP-INTEGRA!

IP-INTEGRA intercom is a perfect solution especially for companies where it may sometimes be important to control who access the premises or buildings of the company, also for companies which integrate door-to-door telephony with other systems such as booking of local access control and alarm systems. With Freund IP-INTEGRA Intercom, Freund Elektronika creates a complete system that will streamline everydays life and improve the service of your property or business.

With an IP-INTEGRA SIP-server it is possible that the IP-INTEGRA components can be connected to a TRUNK or FQDN server and expand the system with IP telephony.

It allows you to answer visitor calls using our INTEGRA VoIP Mobile APP, also to access the building via its smartphone, tablet or computer, and to use it as a classic IP-landline phone.

If your smartphone, tablet or computer is not on LAN, calls from a door station, but also IP-phone calls can be sent through our FQDN server on 3G/4G network. If 3G/4G network is unavailable, the call can be forwarded through our TRUNK service to a GSM or landline telephone.

What makes it even smarter is that the call from your IP door station and IP-phone can be forwarded, so you do not depend on being physically in a place to answer calls. You can open your home or a port from everywhere and observe front door area over video transmission.


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