iLOQ Integration with IP-INTEGRA

Seamless Connectivity, Enhanced Functionality

Welcome to the future of Access Control with the powerful integration of FREUND's cutting-edge Access Control and Smart Intercoms with iLOQ's renowned Digital Locking system.

This dynamic collaboration brings you a seamless and feature-rich solution that enhances your experience and maximizes the potential of both products.


Key Benefits:

Streamlined Workflows: Experience smoother and more efficient processes by harnessing the combined strengths of FREUND's IP Products and iLOQ's smart locking system.

Extended Functionality: Unlock new possibilities and features that result from the synergistic integration of our products.

Enhanced Productivity: Save time and resources with a solution that empowers you to accomplish more in less time.

Activating the integration between IP-INTEGRA Access Control and iLOQ's S5 system is a straightforward process that ensures you make the most of these powerful tools.

Follow the steps below to seamlessly connect the two products:

Step 1: Access the IP-INTEGRA ACC web interface.
Log in to your Access Control system via our user-friendly web interface.

Step 2: Access the Settings Panel
In the navigation menu, locate the "Settings Panel" section. This is typically found in the left side menu.

Step 3: iLOQ Settings Tab
Within the Settings Tab, navigate to the "iLOQ Settings" tab. Here, you'll find options related to the iLOQ integration.

Step 4: Authorization
Fill in the on-screen fields to authorize the integration. You may be required to enter your credentials for iLOQ to establish a secure connection.

Step 5: Save and Apply
Once you've configured the integration settings, save your changes, and activate the integration. Your IP-INTEGRA ACC and iLOQ S5 are now seamlessly connected.


This partnership and integration not only elevates our Access Control (ACC) solution but also extends the capability to our valued partners. Now, iLOQ can offer our cutting-edge Intercoms to their customers, integrating them into their existing product systems. The result is providing enhanced security solutions without disrupting the familiar user management and data administration offered by iLOQ's products.

This means that iLOQ has been given door phones functionality and FREUND can offer an iLOQ offline functionality to all door phone and ACC customers.

This cooperation aims to offer integrated access control and security solutions primarily to customers within residential and building communications. Any questions regarding the above can be directed to the sales departments of the respective companies.