October 2020 – IP-INTEGRA Access Control v1.10.14 Release

These past few months have been trying for everyone, with the global crisis still taking its toll upon many industries. Luckily, our development team has been hard at work, following all the safety standards, to continue providing the best experience and systems the market has to offer.

We believe in consistency and quality of work, those are the virtues that separate us from our competitors and allow us to do what we love most.
Be sure to stay safe, protect yourselves and those around you – the crisis may be slowly coming down, but there is no such thing as too much care.

IP-INTEGRA Access Control Version 1.10.14 is out!

With the time we had for ourselves, we decided to be productive and up the scale of our youngest product, the IP-INTEGRA Access Control. We present to you the various new features you can expect from our latest version – 1.10.14

New Features :

Adding external devices as an alternative for standard card readers

As the product line’s name says, integrations are a vital part of our business and development approach. Following this mindset, we have added the ability for various external devices to be lined with our IP-INTEGRA Access Control System to serve as alternatives for standard card readers. As of now, we support the following devices

  • FE-IPDS-28A
  • FE-IPDS-26B
  • FE-IPDS-20
  • FE-IPDS-29S

Once added into the system, they behave as devices with a single door, allowing for both their native functionalities and additional access control via our system!
Adding these devices into the system is not a difficult task, we have implemented a scanning service, followed by a streamlined process of adding them into the system, making the entire process last a mere couple of minutes!

Provisioning IP-INTEGRA SIP Server users onto the Access Control System

With the latest update, we aim to integrate our veteran system, the SIP Server, with our new Access Control System in every way possible. You can now provision all of your SIP Server extensions onto the Access Control System, turning them into users ready for use! They retain both their cards and their extensions, should you need them. 
All changes made on the SIP server will be applied to the Access Control System as well, provided you provision them after modifications – native Access Control users will remain untouched, so there is no fear of cross-system interference!

User Importing and Exporting

We have taken the approach of making the transition between systems easier – even those that are not our own. With this new feature, users can be imported from any system into our ACC, allowing for a quick and easy setup when upgrading to our solution. User exporting is another functionality we’ve added in order to ease the transitions between our own systems.

Opening relays for specific amounts of time

Ever needed to open multiple doors for someone – while having to guess when they reach the next one? No longer. With this feature, you can set a time parameter for how long a door remains open – allowing for far more versatility in giving access to your access points.

External network support

Not everything is on the same network? No problem! We’ve successfully upgraded our system to support communication behind different networks, providing unmatched possibilities in designing your own access control architecture – worry free of network issues!

Enhancements :

  • User Interface enhancements, to help scale both the application and its visibility and usability
  • System optimizations to further enhance reliability and performance
  • Consistent, timely and definite bugfixes to keep us ahead of the competition

Our IP-INTEGRA Access Control Solution may be our youngest product, but it is by no means weak or to be disregarded. We carefully monitor both the needs of our customers and our market to provided the best possible solution.

Our IP-INTEGRA VoIP Application has been upgraded with a few notable features:

  • A new messaging feature – Allows for messages to be sent from our IP-INTEGRA SIP Web Interface to any individuals or groups using our IP-INTEGRA VoIP App
  • Enhanced user experience – We moved a few things around, to make it easier to use and navigate our feature-rich application

Stay in touch for news regarding our IP-INTEGRA SIP Server, we have big updates in store!

Remember to stay safe, responsible and aware of your friends, family and coworkers during these times.