New Release Available – IP-Integra SIP-Server v1.9.24

We were good before, now we are even better!

We are proud to announce several huge improvements to the way our SIP-Server Solution works and functions. Our developers from the R&D Department are constantly working on enhancing its performance and tailor fitting it to meet any customer’s demands.

Some of the changes we’ve made during the past year were :

  • Redesigning and improving the algorithm for autoprovisioning, making the process faster and more reliable
  • A new feature, allowing Extensions and Ring Groups to have multiple Groups, allowing for better and far more customizable systems
  • Enhanced the Extension creation process, giving you full control over how you want to create your Extensions, both one by one and in bulk!
  • UI/UX enhancements on our Web Interface, with changes made to further increase your ability to always have everything in sight
  • Autoprovisioning for Fanvil, another major supplier

Our Access Control Solution has also received many new updates

Our newest project, the Access Control, has also been a large part of our development focus. We’ve worked on making it faster, more customizable and far more reliable, removing many bugs and boasting many new features!

  • Dashboard updates, to allow you to better track your system overview
  • Streamlined user account creation, adding the ability to instantly assign cards to them on the fly
  • Completely new device interface, giving you an extensive overview of each and every device in your cluster ( and broader! )
  • New Device Graphical User Interface (GUI), to help you visualize the state of each device and know exactly where everything is and how it works!
  • Improvements to the Cluster algorithm, allowing for much faster Cluster management
  • Various UI Improvements to the entire system, putting easy-of-use as a priority

All of our solutions are ready for reliable, stable and an efficient use!

We pride ourselves on our hard work and the quality of our systems!