June 2020 – SIP Server v1.10.0 Release

With the global crisis that we have all faced being slowly, but surely, put under control, we want to use the opportunity to thank all of our partners, friends, supporters and employees for giving their own contribution. Remote work, though challenging, has proven quite productive and rewarding. But, with the situation slowly dissolving, the FREUND Research and Development team in Sarajevo has begun to take back their place in our standard work environment – following all the health and safety standards.

Although physical contact is at a minimum, the feeling of working together and supporting each other has made us even more productive. Again, we wish to thank all of you for your understanding and for upholding your responsibilities in challenging times such as these. On that note, we have some interesting news and updates regarding our systems!

IP-INTEGRA SIP-Server Version 1.10.0 is out!

Our developers have been hard at work to make a stable and reliable version, rich with new features, upgrades and optimizations for out SIP-Server.

New Features :

DND Scheduler

Do you ever get interrupted during important meetings or during your break? Not anymore!

Our latest DND Scheduler allows you to set up specific timeframes on a daily basis during which your extension will be in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, allowing you to hold meetings and relax without worrying about interruptions.

E-mail notifications when the system updates

Reliable and instant e-mail notifications upon your systems update, allowing you to get back to work as soon as possible!

Test calls in multiple languages

We’ve implemented a neat quality of life feature, allowing for test calls you make to have either an English or a Danish speaker to enhance user friendliness!

Enhancements :

  • New VoIP notifications for iOS, keeping up to date with the latest standards put forth by Apple, we seek to provide maximum clarity and keep you up to date
  • System optimizations to further enhance reliability and performance
  • Consistent, timely and definite bugfixes to keep us ahead of the competition

Apart from our SIP-Server, all of our systems are constantly being improved and upgraded with new features and enhancements.

Our INTEGRA Access Control has been upgraded with a few notable features:

  • A new Snapshot feature – Allowing you to have full visual coverage of your access points.
  • Enhanced user management – Need to add notes for some of your users or give temporary, time-limited access? It’s never been easier!

Stay in touch for news regarding our INTEGRA VoIP App, we have big updates in store!

Remember to stay safe, responsible and aware of your friends, family and coworkers during these times.