IP-INTEGRA Public Audio Solution in Copenhagen Primary-school

IP-INTEGRA Public Audio Solution in Peder Lykke Primary-school in Copenhagen

We have received an offer from one of the leading installation companies in Denmark for a complete IP-based public audio solution for one of Copenhagen Primary schools including 150 IP-INTEGRA speakers, a paging unit and our IP-INTEGRA SIP Server with Public audio option. Complete solution is delivered on-time, installed and fully functional.

Freund Call and Info systems can be programmed for the following tasks:

  • Send audio alert tones manually or from a 3rd party system.
  • Connect to a fire alarm or burglar alarm.
  • Record and Play messages from all associated IP-phones and APPs to all devices or groups.
  • Periodic audio information can be uploaded to the system and scheduled, such as information for bus or train stations, advertising information to shopping centers, information for parking spaces or ring-bells for schools.
  • Solution can be connected/extended to IP-phone network, IP-Intercom, PSTN and GSM through SIP-Trunk. From his landline or smartphone, a school inspector can call all class units or specific groups of class units from.
  • Calls from a classroom can be forwarded to a predefined extension number or group of numbers or even PSTN and GSM.
  • The system can be programmed to automatically or manually control all entries to different classrooms or groups of them in case of terror prevention.
  • IP-INTEGRA SIP-Server can check status for all extensions or events in order to send an e-mail to predefined destination if some extensions are offline or in case of unauthorized access to the system.

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Freund Innovation Centre Sarajevo

Freund Group is headquartered in Odense, Denmark and has its own development department and Technological Innovation Centre located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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