December 2023 – A Yearly Recap

Ending 2023, we find ourselves standing on the solid ground of stability, a welcomed contrast to the challenges that marked the preceding years. In a world recovering from the aftermath of global uncertainties, FREUND navigated through the currents with resilience and purpose. While this year brought forth new endeavors, it was primarily a chapter of meticulous refinement, fine-tuning the core elements that define our commitment to excellence. Join us in revisiting the milestones, both subtle and significant, that shaped FREUND’s path in this year of steadiness and quality enhancements.

IP-INTEGRA Access Control

This year FREUND marked a milestone year by seamlessly integrating our Access Control and Smart Intercoms with iLOQ‘s renowned Digital Locking system. This dynamic collaboration not only streamlined workflows and extended functionality but also empowered valued partners like iLOQ to offer our cutting-edge Intercoms within their existing product systems, emphasizing a commitment to innovation and enhanced security solutions.

Innovation Unveiled: This year marked the unveiling of our latest innovation – the IP-INTEGRA ACC mobile application. This revolutionary tool redefines access control management, offering a host of features designed to enhance efficiency and security.

Elevating Access Control: Our R&D team has reached new heights with the development of an innovative Elevator Control Module for our Access Control system. This cutting-edge addition extends our access management capabilities to elevators, providing a seamless and secure solution for controlling vertical access points within your premises. Now, managing who goes where is not only comprehensive but also effortlessly reaches new heights.


Stability Unleashed: Throughout the year, our SIP-Server segment remained a cornerstone of stability and reliability. While significant overhauls weren’t the focus, we dedicated ourselves to refining the user experience through bug fixes, fine-tuning, and thoughtful quality-of-life additions. These enhancements not only sustain the SIP-Server’s dependability but also lay the groundwork for future innovations. Our commitment to excellence endures, ensuring a seamless and robust SIP-Server experience for our valued users.

IP-INTEGRA VoIP app: In a recent update, we’ve enhanced the processing of incoming video feeds, expanding compatibility to support a broader range of intercom devices. Now, our app provides a seamless video connection experience, ensuring even more devices can effortlessly establish a connection and enrich the user experience.

As we bid adieu to this transformative year, we look toward the future with optimism. The resilience and achievements of this year set the stage for further innovation and growth. May the holiday season bring joy and warmth to you and yours, and may the upcoming year be filled with prosperity, success, and new milestones for all of us at FREUND.

Happy holidays and a fantastic New Year!