Copenhagen Municipality chooses our SIP-Server as their IP-Intercom Virtual Machine

The Copenhagen Municipality decided to choose our SIP – Server as their Virtual Machine, where all of their institutions will be linked together. Administrative buildings, Nursing homes and Residential buildings will be linked via this virtual machine.

The Copenhagen Municipality is the largest of the four municipalities that constitute the City of Copenhagen with a population of over 600,000. We are proud to be a part of such a huge project and to give our contribution to the City of Copenhagen!

We expect more than 3000 extensions to be added to this SIP-Server Virtual Machine during the period of 2020 – 2022.

About our SIP-Server

FREUND INNOVATION CENTER has developed a smart Linux-based IP-INTEGRA SIP-server, which allows our customers to integrate and control IP door phones, IP-telephony and IP-audio solutions with bell schedules for schools and institutions as well as for patient call centers.

Additionally, the server also includes a feature so that the customer can integrate the system with nursing and hospital shelters and third party SIP-servers. With our customers in focus, we have also developed the server to enable system customization and OEM development, as well as being able to scale to larger systems with 1024 parallel calls and an infinite number of clients. Some of our solutions include servers suitable for small houses, small offices, apartment buildings, large houses and multi-offices.

For an easier management of extensions, the user can create Ring Groups and define call-forwarding rules between them. IP-INTEGRA SIP-server does not require an advanced network knowledge, it is easily managed and intuitive. All IP-INTEGRA clients are easily configured through the SIP-server. The system can also be expanded and adapted to customers needs by purchasing additional features. 

IP-INTEGRA SIP-server can be used for offices, private homes, institutions and large residential complexes.

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