Blækhus Youth Housing in Valby/Copenhagen chooses Freund IP-INTEGRA door telephony solution

Blækhus has 228 newly built urban youth homes in attractive part of Copenhagen

If we consider innovation in terms of door security, Freund Group has improved this modern building by giving it a touch of the latest modern technology. IP-INTEGRA Intercom solution in exclusive design provides an easy solution with multiple useful functions as Door Control, Elevator control and Access Control. IP-INTEGRA VoIP is smart-phone APP used to monitor and open the door wherever students and staff are physically located. Freund IP-INTEGRA is the perfect solution if both intercom and access control should be controlled from a single place. Complete solution is delivered on-time, installed and completely functional.

IP Door Phone with stylish panel in aluminum and glass combination

FE-IPDS-29S intercom has stylish panel made from aluminum and glass. From this door station, visitors call to IP-INTEGRA VoIP app installed on residents’ Smart Phones. If residents are temporary out of internet connection, calls are forwarded to their GSM phones as normal GSM audio call. During the GSM audio call, residents can open the door or send elevator down to a visitor by pressing a predefined number on phones keypad.  

If residents forget the phone, they can open the door by using the PIN-code, Cards, or Access Tags.

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IP-INTEGRA SIP-server as the brain of the system

The complete system is controlled and updated from a single place which is IP-INTEGRA SIP-server. SIP server not only allows the Extensions to be created, changed, or disabled, it also allows all PIN codes and Access Control information to be updated for each extension.  

When building’s technical team or installer enables the support from the SIP-server’s dashboard, the whole configuration and setup becomes visible to INTEGRA Support team which can then provide online-help to a customer or installer remotely.

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