April 2020 – Spring news and updates

The situation that everyone around the globe is facing is quite challenging. From social distancing to workplace and home adaptation, there has been no shortage of difficulties.

We at Freund have also felt the global impact of the pandemic, but luckily, we’ve acquired a lot of experience on remote work over the years; half of our team is in Odense and the other half is in Sarajevo. Collaborating on those two fronts over such distances has been quite the challenge, but also a great pleasure and a rewarding experience.
We’re proud to say that all of our teams are working remotely, at full capacity, and are eager to bring new improvements to our systems.

We’re happy to say that our SIP-Server Solution has received several updates and enhancements such as

  • Email service optimization, to help keep you up to speed with the changes in the system
  • UI improvements and optimizations, allowing the system to be faster and more responsive than ever
  • Directly forwarding mobile extensions if they weren’t registered, to minimize waste and clutter in the system
  • Sorting algorithm optimizations for extensions, intercoms and our phone book

Our Access Control Solution has been updated with several features that keep it on top of the market, including

  • Cloud-based remote support, we can now help you anytime, anywhere
  • Improvements to our Access logging system, allowing for even better and more accurate access tracking of your environment
  • Several web-relay functionalities, whos true strengths are yet to be revealed
  • Many ease-of-use improvements including manual reset, device recognition and UI enhancements

The IP-INTEGRA VoIP app has been updated with enhanced stability and performance, alongside constant updates to keep it up to date with the latest Google and Apple requirements, to ensure the best possible experience!

We want to keep bringing you the quality you have gotten used to seeing from us, even in these troubling times. We believe that sticking to a routine is paramount in situations like these, helping us stay mentally and socially healthy.

Remember, stay safe, find your routine and stay in touch, we’ve have much, much more in store!