Metallic Wall Loudspeaker

• EN 54-24, BS 5839 part 8 and EN 60849 compliant – indoor use

• Fire-resistant

• Made of metal and vandal-proof

• Designed to wide response for music & speech

• Two cable entries to enable loop in loop out installation

• Rated Power (rms) = 6W

• Max SPL (rated/1m) = 90 dB

• Frequency Range = 190HZ – 18KHZ

• Colour: White (RAL9010)

• Dimensions in mm: 163.5 (6.44)X 163.5 (6.44) X 60.0 (2.36) mm. (in.)

• Housing: Steel

6W Passive loudspeaker for announcements, paging and multicast. If the speaker is used for fire and emergency announcement, it must comply with EN54-24. FE-SPK-1 provides a means for broadcasting announcements to students, faculty, staff, and visitors and can alert everyone to an emergency that is imminent or in progress and instruct them on how to respond.

Weight2.4 kg


Rated Power (rms): 6W internal speaker, 1.8W idle IP
Impedance: 8 ohms
SPL (1W/1m): 90dB
Frequency range (-10dB): 190Hz ~18kHz
Dispersion 1k Hz / 4k: Hz 175˚/ 65˚
Operating temperature: -30˚C ~ +60˚C
Power selection: PoE
Material: Housing: Steel
Color: White
Dimensions: 163.5 (6.44) X 163.5 (6.44) X 60.0 (2.36) mm. (in.)
Net weight: 2 kg
Mounting: Screw