Freund FE-PS-30A is an energy saver card switch that helps users save significant amounts of energy. Our energy saver acts as the main electrical switch for the room and is operated by the user’s smart card.

All lighting and heating facilities only become operational once a corresponding card is inserted in its card switch. After the card is removed from its slot for more than 12 seconds, the controller disables power within the room and switches AC to Economy mode (or off) at the same time turns off the lights. With the help of the card switch, the home owner can easily avoid unnecessary energy costs – for example when air conditioning would remain on while the tenant is not in the room.

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  • Working Voltage AC220V/AC110V
  • Load Working Current 30A
  • Getting power with Smart RFID Mifare Card
  • Compatible with 13,56 MHz Frequency Cards
  • LED signaling “ON” Status
  • Power regulation (Cuts off power automatically if the card is removed for more than 12 seconds)
  • Easy to install
  • Wide field of application
Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions86 × 86 × 44 cm


Voltage: AC 220V/AC 110V @ 30A

Static Current: 100mA

Card Type: MIFARE DESfire/S50 Card

Card Frequency: 13.56 MHz

Delay Time: 12 Seconds

Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C

Operating Humidity: 40% to 80%

Color: Shiny White

Material: Polycarbonate

Dimension: 86 x 86 x 44 mm

Weight: 147.7g